Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I'm still here! AND Pricing Changes 2010...

It's so not like me to not Blog, but to be honest friends, I have been in a funk. I mean I'm OK, I've just hit some sort of wall. I'm noticing this every year around this time, but for some reason this year has been the hardest. I think it comes from working like a mad woman in the fall through the Holiday Season. January hits and I breath for the first time in weeks and then my mood goes south.

I think I get creatively tapped out. I start longing for something new, different, and challenging. I begin to ponder what I'm doing, why I'm doing it, and what I should be doing differently.

For instance, I hate selling. I hate pushing myself and my art as a product, but at the same time I need this as a business because the equipment, computers, and software alone are eating my lunch. I have come to a decision on pricing and will be experimenting with it this year. If it proves that the benefits do not out-weigh my cost, I may have to rethink my pricing again.

I have decided to go to mainly digital sessions since my least favorite part of this business is pushing and hoping for print orders. These sessions would include the images at the resolution they were captured in, a release of the images to my clients for personal use, posting, and printing (but not artistically altering). The pricing will be as follows:

Mini-Digital Session - Session fee $350
30-45 minute Session Time
12+ hand crafted edited images on CD (Artists Choice)
Copyright release for personal use, posting, and printing (not altering)

Full-Digital Session - Session Fee $650
45-90 minute Session Time
30+ hand crafted edited images on CD (Artists Choice)
Copyright release for personal use, posting, and printing (not altering)

Mini-Digital Sessions will be best for family updates, sessions for little one's 1st year, etc. Full-Digital Sessions will be best for Seniors and Newborns. Newborn sessions will only be available as Full-Digital session due to their nature.

I will of course still offer printing to ensure quality. Since I will be including the release in these sessions, print pricing will be greatly reduced. An example of this is an 8X10 will be priced at $5.50 (for a complete list, please contact me). These prices will include my cost plus a small administrative processing fee. A minimum order of $50 will be required.

Also, I will still provide custom design and orders for cards, announcements, and albums. This will be on reasonable commission basis dependant client needs.

At this point, an apology for the many clients between my last post and this one. I slacked on my blog and it seems silly to blog clients who already have their images, but maybe I will pull some of my favs from the past few sessions to post soon.

That's a little about WHAT I'm doing and since I can't post without an image (or several), here is WHY I'm doing it... [annoying gratuitous Photographer posting own children alter]

Jake, the outgoing leader.
DSC_0010 2
Nate, the one everyone wants to squeeze and hug.
Nater for blog
David, the sensitive thinker.
David for blog
Rachel, the princess of the house.
My girl.... for blog


Samantha Clarke Photography said...

These shots are adorable! I'm loving the bright blue background especially.

Kris's Kaptured Moments said...

Oh my, these kiddos are adorable...Your blog is fantastic...so many gorgeous sessions..