Friday, August 7, 2009

Ok, I know this may be annoying but...

I just HAD to share these latest of Rachel. Posting my own kids is a little of a guilty pleasure I guess. I am a Mom first after all. These were taken after Ms. Audrey straighted her hair and she demanded I take her "pit-chur" right away. Let me just say that I ran to the studio with her. My kids NEVER ask to have their picture taken so I just soaked it up! Enjoy! I'm biased but I think she's stunning!

DSC_1220 4

Oh and I forced poor little Nathaniel into a basket outside. He was very nice to me about it but was totally not going to sleep for us and like it! Thanks Christine and Krystal for all the help!

DSC_0783 b
DSC_0812 b
DSC_0819 b
DSC_0794 b