Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ok... here goes...

Ok, no pics this post. I wanted to use this as an avenue to let my clients and blog friends know about some issues currently in my family. After some moving and rescheduling from last weekend, we have more issues this weekend. I am on my way this morning to East Texas. My grandmother (Mother really as she raised me from a small child) is in the hospital and I must be there with her. She has back issues and is afflicted with Fibro-Myalgia which is an extremely painful condition.

We are at that point in life where we need to make some decisions on her care. I want her to move in with me, but she is fiercely independent so that is just a battle we continue to fight. She is also 84 so the Dr.'s are more cautious with her care. She should have surgery on her back to correct some of her issues, but her age stops them from making that a reality.

As some you may already know, I also recently found out I am pregnant! We are thrilled, but it has caused me to be a bit tired and slower with my images than usual. If I remember from my last three pregnancies though, that feeling will pass in another week or two. Thanks to all of those who have already sent well wishes.

For those who are booking, I attempted to contact you all individually. For those only just now contacting me, I will respond as soon as I return. If you would like to speak sooner, you can call my cell phone at 972-965-9141. For those of you awaiting images, I will be working on them in the Hospital and at least I should be able to focus a bit there. I will post what I complete when I return.

Thank you all for your patience, understanding, and friendship!