Thursday, October 8, 2009

Taking Maternity to the Street! [McKinney Maternity Photographer]

As many of you have seen in my galleries, I have historically focused my maternity work in a studio setting. I tend to get clients who want that setting because of my portfolio. I end up with a vicious cycle. Not that I do not love those images!

I want all my clients to know that studio is not the only option! Also, I have a tendency to love intimate images for these sessions and fill my gallery with the one's I love. Sometimes, this scares potential clients off... they all think they have to show too much skin. 8-) This is SO not the case. I want what YOU want out of the images. The following session reflects images I love and yet is subtle in showing the shape of a beautifully pregnant woman. Thank you so much Upshaw family for sharing this time in your lives with me!


And I just HAD to get some of Trent by himself... doesn't he have the sweetest face!


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