Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Nathaniel Stephen

Well, I'm back!!! I meant to do so much on maternity leave and stay in touch, but I apparently can't function and hold the baby. Can't make phone calls or answer... might disturb Nate! Can't type well either... might have to put Nate down and we can't have that! 8-)

Nathaniel Stephen Rogers came on June 15th at 1:16pm. I'm sharing his birth announcement with you on this blog! He already has his own little personality and if anyone (like his mother) thought he would just come along and be laid back, realizing he was the 4th kiddo and chill, they were mistaken. Nate is, instead, determined to make his presence known and not be pushed around. And you know what... I kinda like that about him! So welcome to the world Nathaniel... we love you!!!

nate blog
nate blog2

Of course I have to mention and update on the siblings!! Jake turned 8 in June and Rachel turned 3 in July! I picked my favs from their individual shoots to share with you. Threw David's in for fun.


NOW, I want all my clients to know that I am back and that I am accepting bookings again. I took quite a bit more time than I first expected, but Nathaniel is my last little newborn and I cherished every minute of my leave. I am ready now to get back at it. I am limiting my sessions to 2 per week for the next couple of months. I may increase in October and November for the holiday season and as Nathaniel gets more independant. Just drop me a note and we will find the perfect time for you and your families and I've missed you all! I want to thank all those clients and blog surfers for checking in on me while I was out!

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The Hunt Family said...

Welcome back Tina! Nate is precious. Congratulations!