Thursday, April 23, 2009

Springtime Cuties! [DFW Children Photographer]

These two shoots were fun! These little kiddies keep you active trying to catch them, but when you do, it's so awesome.

Aren't their dresses too cute?! These two were so good and I always love to see them.
DSC_0118 blog
DSC_0136 blog
DSC_0121 blog
DSC_0117 blog
DSC_0127 blog

Big brother G and little O! SHE is just the perfect little model... such a happy smiley little angel. Brother O was a little apprehensive, but we got him by letting him throw things... THAT was apparently fun! 8-)

DSC_0020 blog
DSC_0088 blog
DSC_0094 blog
DSC_0022 blog

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