Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Personal Note

Hi all! No images to share on this one, just wanted to communicate how things might go in the next few months. I am currently 5 months preg with a brand new baby boy due in June. After having some concerning issues this weekend and being instructed to "slow down", I am going to alter some of my policies. I am going to limit on-location "studio" sessions.

The only sessions I will be doing this way are newborns and then only in my 25 mile radius of Allen, TX. For booking an at home "studio" newborn session I will require a big strapping Dad or Grandpa to help me bring in some of my stuff. I have a posing bench that gets a wee heavy. And since I usually don't havve a hard time by myself, they might not need to be THAT big or strapping. 8-)

I will continue doing studio sessions in my home and all outdoor location sessions till at least Mid-May unless there are any complications or developments I don't expect. I will also be taking off 6 weeks after the birth from shooting. WELL, I'll have my own little new born to get images of so I'll probably be hanging the poor little thing from a tree branch at 3 days old, so don't give on my Blog!

Last but not least, I will be excited to get back and just in time for family holiday sessions mid-summer into the fall. Thanks for reading this far and I'll be posting more images in a day or two!

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